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We are approached by many clients who already have ideas on what they wish to do to their property, and we take up the ideas with our own input and guidance on how these ideas can be best accommodated to the home, bearing in mind spatial awareness, how the clients and their families are to “grow” into their home, and build cost constraints.

We would promote ourselves as Designers and Surveyors, with the aim of:
- Effecting architectural designs, through scheme drawings, using inhouse and advisory services as appropriate.
- Utilise our extensive Planning and Building Control knowledge and good rapoire that has been developed over many years with Council Officers.
- As Building Surveyors monitoring the use of appropriate materials.
- Specifying appropriate to the site and your requirements, as well as market conditions.
- Engage the services of Structural Engineer we would feel appropriate to the project.


Also, if required:
- Advising on Building Contracts.
- Periodic checking of workmanship on site.


Typical example of our service would broadly be as follows:


We would undertake a full measured survey of property, and then produce existing plans, an immediate site plan, and the elevations drawn. We would look into the local precedents for the area and consider Council Policies that would be applicable to the area and your home. We would then overlay scheme ideas for various alteration and extension options and sketch these out to scale and be ready to present to you. We would then meet you to discuss the project ideas and plan ahead the next steps.


Once the survey and feasibility stage has been completed we would fine tune the best option for you. We would then formally draw up the proposed floor plans and draw the elevations and roof plans of the home with the new extensions fully detailed. Complete all the forms and a design and access statement making the planning submission for you.


Once planning gleaned to draw sections and working drawings that would be suitable for a Building Control submission and be suitably notated that Builders can give prices to. There may be the need of a structural engineer to design steel beams, lintols, roof members, and advise on roof and foundation matters.


With larger alterations and extensions we would offer to help you seek builders prices, by compiling a detailed specification of works and answering queries from tendering Contractor(s).


We could effect a monitoring role for you by:
- Pre contract meeting with builder
- Setting out basic forms of Contract
- Attend site average once every three weeks to check on workmanship
- Snag the works at the end of the project

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